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Quanzhou Yingde Solar Energy Co.,Ltd was established in 2008,specialized in the OEM and R&D of high-quality solar panels,solar power storage system,off/on grid solar systems. Besides passed TUV, ISO, CE certified.

The high-tech solar power storage system with SMIG brand,is created based on the varying power needs in different corners of the world,designed and manufactures this advanced miniature solar products to fulfill the demands of various modern appliances,is the ideal replacement for diesel or gas fueled power.We have taken upon itself to R&D this product that is sure to revolutionize the method power is generated and stored.SMIG is composed of high-tech computerized operation,is easy to use, efficient in utility, and stylish in appearance. It generates power through free and clean solar resources in remote mountains, combining power generation as well as power storage,AC/DC output.
The SMIG has been distributed in Asia, Middle east, Africa, and the great Atlantic regions. Solar
power storage systems are applicable in remote mountain areas, villages, and islands,and will resolve household power usage, farmland utility, transportation, agriculture, power while traveling, and power for shaded regions such as the mountains or forests.It satisfies the need for a variety of appliances,it is the ideal choice for powering rural areas.

Yingde Solar, with endless renewable power,and working hard for your greener future!

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