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Talent Strategy
Quanzhou Yingde Solar Energy Co.,Ltd is a forest, every employee is a forest of trees, forest trees is based on the formation of the growth.
       The company''''s development, the primary resource is human resource development, human resources team building.
       In the knowledge economy, competition among enterprises has grown from product competition, the cost to more intense competition in the talent competition. High-quality talent has become a very scarce resource. Division I knew quite well, since its inception, has been focusing on the selection and nurturing of talent.
The company advocates the concept of employment as follows:
       Candidates - both ability and integrity, to Germany first, in line with company personnel requirements of the post, in line with positions where the team style of talent, in line with the corporate culture and core values ​​of people.
       Employment - in reality, gold is red, no one is perfect, inch a director has a short foot. Even then good people, they can not perfect. To cause to take people, their talent, with its director, to avoid it short. The people with the most appropriate positions so that they display their talents, dry out a career. The choice of trees flourished, and flowers selected soil and unique show.
       Educating people - Investment / personnel training, career development for people of different channels, the growth of talent to provide a good atmosphere. The face of fierce market competition and the rapid development of science and technology, the company has the perfect training system, trying to nurture talent.
       Keep - retain talent by the trust, emotional and sincere.
      Companies focus on talent, wide around the best of the elite meet, as long as you have the confidence and courage to withstand the pressures and challenges, Britain and Germany went into the door, you can enter
A new world, certainly in the Anglo-German company''''s confidence on stage dance, dance style, dance value. The company''''s progress along the career ladder,
Will reach your success on the other side.
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