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Anglo-German optical General Manager:
     Since its inception in 2006, always grasping to promote environmental protection, sustainable energy development to support business philosophy, adhere to "people-oriented, technological innovation, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction," the quality, in-depth study and practice the scientific concept of development, actively respond to financial crisis challenges in the community and corporate support of the majority of the members to achieve a certain development.
     Today''s society is in the post-crisis era, the face of increasingly severe global climate change, the company responded positively to the call of national low-carbon energy policy, the development of solar, photovoltaic industry, conform to promote new energy, circular economy and building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society of the times.
     As a responsible company, our company has to act in Germany, to treat people, the company''s continued development is inseparable from the new and old customers the support and trust. In the "Anglo-German" culture, driven by the scientific and rational management, we continue to strengthen the Anglo-German team building, rational use of company employees outstanding personal qualities and accomplishments, creating the Anglo-German optical harmonious working atmosphere, forming a "success in the self, shining in the Anglo-German "unique employee incentive ideas. Employees of self-restraint, self-management to ensure product quality, our company has laid the customer in mind the overall image of an irreplaceable position!
     The company''s future development, will continue to provide our clients with high quality, high-level products to meet customer needs is the purpose of the Anglo-German people, but also Britain and Germany were struggling target. We are willing to work with colleagues in the community together to build low-carbon, environmentally friendly, energy saving, contribute to a green community!
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